Olivier Degorce


Olivier Degorce lives and works in Paris. He is a visual artist and photographer, and has exhibited his photographic work and his sound installations in galleries and art centers in France and internationally, in places such as American Center, Passage de Retz, Centre Georges Pompidou, Centre Culturel Suèdois, Musée des Arts Décoratifs à Paris, Confort Moderne de Poitiers, C.A.P.C de Bordeaux, Rectangle à Lyon, Nikolai Comtemporary Art Center de Copenhague, Palais Clam Gallas à Vienne, Traders Pop Gallery à Maastricht, Speak For Gallery à Tokyo.

As a musician and composer he’s released through lables such a Teknotika records in Detroit, Mental Groove records à Genève, Prozak Trax, BMG, Sony France, Mazzo Music (Pays-Bas), B-Cool records (Japan), Skam (UK).

 “I arrived in Paris' first wave of Acid House nights around 1987-1988. I was 20. It was a shock. My generation had never heard anything remotely familiar to this kind of music until then. As the rave phenomena grew, I always took a compact camera to parties. Taking pictures was

a way to keep a record of these unique moments.”

"I was there at the right time, collecting portraits of people playing records that were only pressed for 100 to 500 copies, It fascinated me. These 12” vinyl records, sleave-less and without visuals, were enchanting.

"There was something truly paradoxical to taking these pictures because we were all there incognito; the public and the DJs couldn't have cared less about being seen. Those prohibited parties were completely underground. These images were taken in places that, for the most part, were not intended for partying (abandoned warehouses, industrial wastelands, barges, under Parisian bridges...) The “come as you are” aspect contrasted with the ceremonious attire required by nightclubs at the time."