The Global Party - {ourhistory}

{ourthistory} or 'The Global Party' is an exhibition displaying the achievements of the 20 years of excellence in the graphic design for UK clubbing events and examining its relations with a comparative chronology of Chinese electronic dance music culture. {ourhistory} is a global touring exhibition which hosted in China by Shine Communications Group, owners of the ground breaking - China's only multi channel web radio station for electronic dance music, rock and hip-hop.

{ourhistory} in Shanghai contains elements like posters, music, expert talks and related merchandise sales . This one-of-a-kind exhibition is not just the firts China showcase of some of the world's most brilliant DJ party graphics. {ourhistory} also serves to summarize the amazing growth of China's own dance party community in the last twenty years. it provides a unique perspective on the youth trend process in modern China and it highlights the commonality and contrasts in youth expression between China and the rest of the world.

Exhibition organisers, Shanghai's Shine Communications Group and their team have taken it their mission to introduce the roots of the culture trend culture to the Chinese public. In welcoming the {ourhistory} touring exhibition to Shanghai after its successful mounting in London and Tokyo, they have been helped by promoters and DJs across China to begin to gather a precious graphic and video documentary archive. The result of this cooperation is now contained herein the {ourhistory} exhibition. And it clearly illustrates and celebrates the process of DJ culture development in China. It is intended that the visitor to this exhibition may gain a sense of evolution within the diverse and constantly growing party cultures of both UK and China.

'Acid House' Music and the Roots of Modern Creativity

after ten years under the trend on monochrome posters & graphics dominated by the punk movement and years of the Margaret Thatcher government, the explosion of the 'Acid House' music in 1988 infused new colour and energy into British people's loves; it stirred hope and kindled a spirit of freedom amongst a rising new generation of UK youth.

It is undeniable that without Acid House culture and its slew of quirky, iconic themed posters and 'rave' - related designs, the last 20 years would not have been as outstanding creatively as they turned out to be.

The poster artwork collection on which {ourhistory} is based raised the question, 'Was Acid House representative not only of a trend in socio-cultural development?'

The answer is, resoundingly, yes. As the {ourhistory} exhibition reminds us, Acid House is representative not only of a music phenomenon but also of the other important cultural elements which compose society.

The music styles derived from the Acid house are numerous and abundant. Almost every music style that emerges generates a matching graphic language for itself. Acid House was no exception. Images visualized around the scene were a heady mix of many elements like hallucinations from 'magic' mushrooms, punk, cartoons, disco science fiction, TV, blaxplotation culture etc. Manchester, London and Ibiza were the geographic cradles of the Acid House 'rave' spirit, the music cultures in these places played a huge role in forming the musical aesthetics of the emerging Acid House scene.

For the people who experience the 'golden age' of Acid House first hand, the graphic images {ourhistory} represent a concentrated reminder of a life-changing cultural movement.