From managing spaces within the Redgalleryldn for public events or producing offsite projects to promote the gallery, even producing one of the best music venues in the capital called kamio it been amazing 8 years and we hope you think that to.

So due to the lost of our beloved building in 1-3 Rivington St, London EC2A 3DT. We as a company have decided to change our business policy to some thing more encluisive to the public in regards to  Event Management, Branding, Sponsorship and Brand Partnership as well as  Photographers and Videographers

The Redgalleryldn can provide event management no matter what the size – from intimate parties and events to large scale festivals, conferences and exhibitions. Our team collectively has over 30 years experience in creating events and event management.

Our team and event management skills have enabled us to secure projects in Asia, Europe and United states. Our diverse team are responsible for the complete end to end process of event management, from concept, to production and build, curation, programming, finance and budgeting, AV, security, marketing, promotion, staffing and sales to ensure your event is a success.

We love event management because we believe bringing people together for events is the single most powerful marketing tool we have to create results for both you and your customers. We believe the physical interaction and brand messaging created at events help to leverage brands further in the most effective way.

Our team can managed a range of events from festivals, conscious gathering, retreats, club nights, sports events, dining experiences, pop up events, networking events, music concerts, corporate events, educational events, exhibitions and trade shows.

We also work to create brand partners for your events so you can work with like minded businesses and individuals who help maximise your marketing reach.

Music Events
We have a range of DJs, Artists, Vocalists and Musicians suitable for any budget.

We are able to curate festival content from Music, Speakers, Workshops, Talks, Traders, Virtual Reality and more.

We organise and co-ordinate events for corporate bodies and businesses. Whether its a conference, industry presentation to a staff event or training allocation we can help.
Exhibitions and Trade Shows

We have worked on some of the london coolest Exhibitions including Insomnia, Fashion Week and Good Food Show. Our team know how to make your exhibition a success or provide a memorable experience for your participants.

offsite projects

The Redgalleryldn have become ingrained in the current delivery of of our offsite prokects. Our team extend to the organisation, sourcing, support, exposure and curation for a number of profile and independent retreats across UK Europe and the Uninted States. We connect everything from chefs to dieticians, conscious healers to yoga instructors, life coaches to alternate therapists.

We service everything from boutique bars, restaurants, private parties, VIP events, super yachts to pop up dining experiences across the UK and Ibiza. We can provide staffing, stock, systems and success for all aspects of the industry.


The Redgalleryldn has a team of web developers and designers responsible for web design and all its facets. For websites to add value to your business they need to do more than just look good, your web design plays an important role to inform, engage and invite your customers to connect.

Our web design holds functionality and the consumer at its digital heart so your website will create and generate the best possible results for your business. We have developed immersive websites for e-commerce to large corporates, independent brands and even online magazines and blogs, so we know exactly what works best for web design and what doesn’t.

Our Web Designers are passionate about Web Design, their flare for creativity and passion for coding, content and SEO means that they can create entire websites from scratch which are always tailored to your own specific requirements.

Our Web Designers and Developers always consider your target audience and how they will use your website to ensure the web design works for you and your own audience. The Everyday Agency has various web design packages for all business sizes and ensure you have the best website, content and security.

Web Design Considerations: 
Responsive Design – All our websites are responsive for use on mobile, computers, tablets and any other device where your site will be viewed
E-commerce – If e-commerce is required online, we have secure platforms and systems we can put in place to ensure this can be carried out for your business
Content Management System – We aim to provide you with a CMS system that works for you or your marketing team. We provide training on how to use this so you can manage small changes on your site yourself
SEO – All our website are built with Search Engine Optimization. We work with you to drill down your Key Words and write the content to suit this so you rank higher in Google.


We have a team of the best Photographers and Videographers both in the UK and europe. Our Photographers and Videographers have worked for leading publications, events and corporate companies for television, commercials and online advertising.

Types of Photographers
Bespoke Event Photography – Club Photography,  Party Photography, Conferences, Trade Shows, Wedding Photography,
Press Shots – for magazines, printed press and collateral, billboards,
Head Shots  – Specific Head shot for individuals and business staff
Fashion – Specific photography for fashion and clothing brands
Food and Drink – Photography of food and drink at venues, restaurants and food photography
Portraits – Shots for use for individuals

Videographers – We have a range of videographers at competitive prices that can manage short videos, event videography, festival videography, interviews and bespoke events including wedding videography, conferences, trade shows.
Stop Motion Animation – This is a cinematic process and video technique used to makes static objects appear as if they were moving. 

GRAPHIC DESIGN  asia,europe, & THE UK

We have a team of talented graphic designers, illustrators and animators based in both our Ibiza and UK offices. Our graphic designers manage a range of graphic design services including visual identity, typography, logo design, project branding, stickers, flyers, leaflets, business cards, posters, product packaging, t-shirt design, annual reports, letterheads, presentations, social media covers and content, feeder adverts, web design and more.

Our graphic designers create artistic and informative materials and shine with diversity. Our europe creative have worked on some of the best venues and club brands on the island and continue to provide graphic design to a range businesses in Ibiza.

Our london studio  has some of the most talented graphic designers in Europe servicing a mix of industries and businesses and bringing their brands and campaigns to life with creative precision.

No matter how big or small the job, our artistic and creative team can help can with design for digital marketing, magazines, printed media and multimedia.

We design a complimentary suite of products for websites, flyers, leaflets, posters, adverts, brochures, billboards, programmes, HTML eshots, HTML newsletters, social media, videos, logos, maps, vector artwork, HTML5 banner advertising, digital advertising, animated GIFs, pull-up banners, large format artwork, video animation, branding and original concept artwork … in fact, pretty much everything!

The Creative Process

Marketing Brief – If you have a job or project you need Graphic Design for in europe or the UK you can simply complete one of our online briefs and one our Account Managers will be in touch promptly.

Objectives – Our creative process starts with looking at the objectives of graphic design and why you are creating this piece of artwork in relation to what you want to achieve.

Target Audience –  We look at the target audience the graphic design will be created for and look at how their demographic impacts their engagement with all design aspects.

Proposition – We break down the proposition you are offering and what prominent parts of this need to be included in the Graphic Design whether its typography, visual arts, layout and composition or illustration.


Sponsorship and Brand Partnerships are a great way to extend your brand and marketing reach. We connect brands that want great reach across different industries and to engage more consumers.

Sponsorship for us is simply about connecting brands through creative ideas that are driven by insight. We prepare sponsorship packages based upon your target audience and your desired marketing reach. We display them in a creative way to engage readers and to build rapport between brands and their audiences. Our customised sponsorship campaigns drive a strong identification with brands which in turn creates unique and well aligned sponsorship opportunities.

We look carefully at the brands we represent and strategically align them with companies that share the same company values and culture. Take a look at our blog post about Sponsorship to get some tips and advice on what you should consider.

Brand Partnerships
Redgalleryldn looks for ways your business can align with other brands to create mutual benefit between them. Finding the right brand partnerships can create huge benefits and be a cost effective way to excel brand awareness and marketing reach.

Influencer Marketing
We look at aligning your brand with key influencers within your market. This can be individuals who have insight into the field you work, individuals with large social traction or ambassadors that can bring your brand to life through influencers. All these methods can assist your brand in bringing it to life through the use of adding a persona and face to your brand.

Fast becoming an identified vehicle for independent business support and success Crowdfunding is a practice of funding projects and ventures by raising small amounts of money from a large pool of people through a crowdfunding site such as Kickstarter or Crowdfunder.  This is a widely recognised form of alternate funding, these platforms allow you to launch new ideas to market whilst gaining support and financial income for your project.


At Redgalleryldn we love Social Media and understand the unique power it has on elevating your brand across all the digital platforms. Social Media is at the very heart of our Digital Marketing Strategy and we pride ourselves on creating solid results for every client that is both targeted and monitored to ensure maximum results.

Our team don’t just create content, graphics and copywriting for Social Media posts; we create bespoke campaigns related to your specific business and marketing objectives. Whether it’s creating more brand awareness, launching a new product or service, or simply generating more prospective clients through social media channels, we know how to do it and what is effective.

All our Social Media campaigns are recorded, monitored and reported to our clients. The analytics behind our campaigns and digital marketing development is what makes us tick, we measure the effectiveness of each activity and it’s return on investment for all the content we provide.

Our digital marketing strategies help you to grow and acquire new clients whilst retaining your existing ones through providing engaging content that sparks an emotional response with your target audience. We work with a number of influencers and brands to collaborate and amplify your marketing reach and propel your digital footprint through digital marketing. Our integrated social media strategies allow you to reach an optimum number of people across different channels based upon your customer preferences and profile.

TheRedgalleryldn can actively manage and curate your social adverts and create click funnels that will drive your digital marketing and make your pages work harder for you as a sales tool.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Considerations:
Objectives – What are you trying to achieve?
Time of day – When you are posting and what day
Content – What types of content you are posting e.g. images, links, video, infographics
Frequency – How frequent will you post
Results – How are you going to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing results?
Improvement – How are you going to improve your results?